Nursery & KG

Cultural Day

Todd2Teen Montessori School welcomes children from the age of 2 to the warm and caring environment of their kindergarten. Coming from many different nationalities and backgrounds, much emphasis is placed on language learning. In addition, by the time they go to Nursery 1, students will be confident in counting, recognizing all of the English letters and their sounds, and beginning to read phonics-based books.

Kindergarten is the ideal place for young children to develop social skills as well as be prepared academically for primary school.

A typical day in Kindergarten 1 is as follows:

  • Free Activities <> The start of the day is used as time for free activities, where children can socialize, verbalize and interact with each other.

It is also a time when the children can play with natural materials (i.e. sand, water) have creative activities.



  • At snack time, children are encouraged to value food, eat and drink healthily and put away what they do not eat.
  • Play Time
    Outdoors play is a time when the children can exert energy, practice large motor skills and gain a sense of community.
  • Group Time
    Children work on their numbers and alphabet sounds, colours, shapes etc… Music & Movement, Group Games. Instruments or Lesson
  • Play Time
  • End of Day Activities:
    • Fruit time
    • Story time
    • Quiet table
    • Table top activities – puzzles

Kindergarten 2

The aims for Kindergarten 2 are:

  • During the year the children in KG2 will have weekly or fortnightly topical projects about the world around them.
  • They will engage in activities that will encourage listening, oral, visual skills.
  • They will learn to recognize, write and understand the concept of numbers and simple addition (up to 10)